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Grosafe Hydrocotyle Killer - 200ml

Hydrocotyle Killer

Controls hydrocotyle, Onehunga weed, creeping oxalis and other broadleaf weeds in turf.


Sizes available: 200ml

Active ingredient: Contains 120g/litre triclopyr in the form of an emulsifiable concentrate.

General information: Grosafe® Hydrocotyle Killer is a selective weedkiller for control of hydrocotyle, Onehunga weed, creeping oxalis and other broadleaf weeds (including daisies and clover) in grass lawns. Contents will treat 200 square metres of lawn.

Directions: 1. Mix 50ml in 5 litres of water. 2. Spray onto 50 square metres of lawn. 3. Apply evenly over the measured area.

Compatibility: Can be used with Grosafe® Lawn Guard for a broader spectrum kill of woody weeds.

Time of Application: Apply in spring and autumn when weeds and turf are growing vigorously. Do not apply if rain is expected. Avoid treatment following long periods of dry weather. Do not apply in hot conditions.

Note: 1. Some burning may occur with fine turf grasses. Do not use clippings for compost or mulch for 6 months after treatment. 2. Keep pets off treated lawns until spray is dry. 3. After application, clean equipment thoroughly. 4. It is advisable to use a separate sprayer for fungicides and insecticides.

Hydrocotyle Killer