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Zonda Stump Gel - 200ml

Zonda Stump Gel – 200ml

A ready to use herbicidal gel for direct application onto stump and cut stems; including wild ginger, agapanthus and wooly nightshade trees.


Sizes available: 200ml

Active ingredient: Contains 43g/kg picloram as the potassium salt in the form of a gel.

General information: Grosafe® Zonda Stump Gel is a ready to use herbicide for direct application onto a wide range of trees, woody weeds, shrubs, scrambling perennial weeds and weeds with creeping or bulbous roots. The product is applied by swabbing the stump or cut stem using the brush applicator. Smaller plants may die over a period of a couple of weeks and larger tree stumps could take a few months to die. If there is any regrowth reapply the Grosafe® Zonda Stump Gel. It is best to apply when the plant is actively growing (Spring and Autumn). Do not apply during rainfall or 12 hours prior to rainfall as this will give a poor result.

Directions: Woody weeds: Old Mans Beard, Climbing Spindleberry, Japanese Honeysuckle, Grey Willow Gorse, Cotoneaster, Darwins Barberry, Elaeagnus and Woolly Nightshade. Cut stems horizontally and preferably no higher than 100mm above ground level. Apply a 5mm thick layer of Grosafe® Zonda Stump Gel over the cut surface of the plant. On stems of 20mm diameter or greater treat 80% of the stems including the leader stems. Woolly Nightshade trees: Cut a series of grooves 15–20mm deep around main trunks of the tree using an axe or pruning saw. The grooves should have a 20–40mm gap between each one and then apply a 5mm layer of Grosafe® Zonda Stump Gel over the surface. Rhizomatous plants: Wild Ginger, Agapanthus and Kahili. Prune the Agapanthus horizontally at the base and apply to the cut stem 5mm layer of Grosafe® Zonda Stump Gel across the cut surface of the rhizome. On Kahili Ginger prune and treat the same as the Agapanthus but, if there are more than four rhizomes between the shoots, drill a 10mm hole in every fourth rhizome and fill the hole with Grosafe® Zonda Stump Gel. Wandering Jew: Apply Grosafe® Zonda Stump Gel at 16g per square metre over the foliage using a paint roller or similar, making sure the foliage is completely flattened during the application.

Zonda Stump Gel