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Activated Amitrole - 200ml

Activated Amitrole

Controls hard to kill weeds including bamboo, wandering jew and couch.


Sizes available: 200ml

Active ingredient: Contains 400g/litre amitrole in the form of a soluble concentrate.

General information: Grosafe® Activated Amitrole is a non-selective weed killer that is best applied to actively growing weeds. It has an activating additive that helps its absorption and translocation through the weeds to inhibit chlorophyll formation and the development of new growth. Caution: Apply carefully during still weather as spray drift may cause serious damage to desirable plants. Avoid excessive spray run-off onto the soil. Do not sow treated areas for 5–6 weeks.

Directions: Mix 10ml per litre of water for the control of annual broadleaf weeds and easy-to-kill grass weeds. Mix 20ml per litre of water for the control of bamboo, cape ivy, couch, docks, mercer grass, periwinkle, sorrel, wandering jew, wild onion and woolly nightshade. Apply evenly as a light spray covering as much of the weeds foliage as possible. Depending on weather conditions results make take 3–4 weeks to appear. To control bamboo, cut hard back to just above ground level and spray regrowth when approximately 1 metre high. Some hard-to-kill weeds may regrow and require repeat spraying.

Compatibility: Recommended to be used in conjunction with Grosafe® Force Penetrant. Grosafe® Activated Amitrole is slightly corrosive and should not be left in sprayer once mixed. Wash out spray equipment thoroughly as soon as possible after use.

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Activated Amitrole